Friday, October 10, 2008

Fair Isle Flower hat for babies

Size 7 straight needles
white, pink, green, purple yarn
tapestry needle

Cast on 66 sts
Rows 1-5: *K1, P1* to end
Row 6: Knit in white
Row 7: Purl in white
Next 12 rows: Work chart (Chart is worked in St. stitch. The chart isn't very good, it may be easier to draw it out on graph paper before starting. I only did 4 1/2 flowers on the chart, but on the hat they go all the way around.)

Dec rows:
Row 1: *K4, K2 tog*
Row 2: Purl
Row 3:*K3, K2 tog*
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: *K2, K2 tog*
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: *K1, K2 tog*
Row 8: *P2 tog*

Cut a long tail to sew up back seam. Thread yarn through remaining sts and sew up back seam. Weave in all loose ends


Wendy said...

I would like to knit this hat for my grand-daughter, but need to know it's measurements and the ply of the wool please. Thanks

Martha Rose said...

So pretty. Thank you for sharing it. I found the link on Ravelry.